Content Management

Guide to content management, blogs, and hosting web pages.

We no longer provide support for static web page serving, PHP, and CGI scripting. We realize that this might be an inconvenience to some.

Temporary Hosting using a VM

For students doing project work, we can provide temporary virtual machines running on VMWare or Windows Hyper-V. These VMs can be configured with a web server that is visible internally to Loyola. See Virtualization for additional information.


We encourage those who need to set up web sites to consider establishing web hosting account via one of the many providers out there.

Blogging platforms

If you are just looking to maintain a simple site that allows for page creation and blog posts, the best options are blogging platforms, such as Wordpress, Ghost, Micro.Blog.


We actually use dedicated virtual machines for some department hosting needs. A particularly nice option is Linode. For as little as $5-$10 a month, you can get a dedicated virtual machine with any Linux distribution you like.

This option is primarily for more technical users who know Unix/Linux system administration (and commands).

Google Apps

We do have Google Apps available in the department, which includes Blogger and Google Sites. While both of these options are starting to look/feel a bit dated, they nevertheless are easy to use and require virtually no configuration (except for us to enable your site).

Last modified December 28, 2021: more updates (5a7ef6d)