Guide to various people/roles in the department.

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We pride ourselves in paying attention to human interaction. While the support aliases described in the previous section must be used whenever you want something to be done, you may want to know something about the major roles in our department that are applicable to computing.

  • Chairperson: Konstantin Läufer. Please contact the Chairperson with any suggestions you have for improvement, especially when itcomes to computing matters. The chairperson has the ultimate reponsibility for all department matters, especially the departmental computing budget.
  • Computing Director: George K. Thiruvathukal. Pleasecontact the Computing Director with any suggestions you have for improvement or with technical support questions. The Computing Director is ultimatelyresponsible for the implementation of all computing initiatives for the department, in particular those that support our teaching and research missions.
  • Lab Manager: Miao Ye. The Lab Manager is ultimately responsible for the implementation of the intiaitives as defined by the Computing Director (who consults with the Chairperson). Because there is onlyone Lab Manager at the moment, it is important to recognize that he/she works to support all requests in a timely manner but may not be ableto resolve your problem immediately. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response to any non-emergency need.
  • Computing Committee: George K. Thiruvathukal (Computing Director and Committee Chair), Konstantin Läufer, Prof. Stephen Doty, and two new members to be determined (one more faculty and one more student member). The Compting Committee meets at least twice per academic year and drafts recommendations and resolutions for future computing initiatives that support the department's teaching and researchmission and those of collaborating departments. The commitee's proceedings are reported to the Chairperson.

In most cases, you should contact the Lab Manager

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