User Accounts

Guide to user accounts available for CS faculty, staff, students.

All students and faculty are given accounts in the CS department. Your account is intended for your use only. Please change your intial password immediately on first use to improve security. (We are able to determine when a password has not been changed from the default and will lock accounts after a certain period.)

We presently lack a self-service mechanism to the PAM service maintained by ITS for resetting your password. In any event, given the manageable number of users, you can send a request to the accounts alias to have your password reset for you. Since we set up all of our accounts to match your university login ID, it is our policy to send your replacement password to your Loyola e-mail address. You may also opt to meet the lab manager in person but must show your Loyola or a government-issued id with your photo on it.

To reset your password, you should log into using a secure shell client (a.k.a. SSH) and use the passwd program to reset it. We recommend that you are on campus when you need to change your password.

Last modified December 28, 2021: various page updates (05fe46a)