Guide to virtualization services available in the department.

We are now able to host Xen and Windows Hyper-V virtual servers in the department. We can host these with a dedicated public IP address (justification is required to obtain one) or private IP addresses which would be visible when you connect via the Loyola VPN. Given our present resource limitations, we can only provide virtual machines on a limited basis, primarily for faculty and student research/outreach projects. Please send your requests to the vm alias (see getting-help{.interpreted-text role=“doc”}) and make sure you include the following information:

  • name: your full name
  • university e-mail address: we will not give virtual machines to anyone who is not part of the Loyola community, although we will allow same to be used by outsiders, provided there is a Loyola contact.
  • alternate e-mail address: where we can find you in case you decide not to read your Loyola e-mail (or you're not getting your messages!)
  • duration: amount of time in months for your project, or permanent (in general, permanent machines will be given only with highly sound justification.
  • RAM: required RAM in 256MB increments; large allocations are rarely given. We'll prioritize requests that are smaller than 512MB.
  • disk space: required storage in 10GB increments
  • desired OS: We recommend Ubuntu server edition but can support many others. At present, we do not support any OS that requires a license key or activation (except Windows on our new Hyper-V racks).
  • desired hostname: may be requested in one cs, math, etl, cslabs (a private zone), all of which are subdomains of For example, if you want the hostname gkt in the domain, you would ask for
  • public or private static IP: You must say public or private. We will generally be asking you (especially if you're a student) to start with a private IP address. This in most cases will require you to choose the domain, which only resolves within Loyola proper.
  • type of virtual machine: Xen, VMware, Hyper-V program. You would only need VMware if you want to host a Windows VM but we presently have no plans to support Windows, per our emphasis on freely available OS technology without activation requirements.
  • number of CPUs: we are only able to support 1 for most requests at this time.

Last modified December 28, 2021: more updates (5a7ef6d)