Printing services within the department and university.

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Printing in the Labs

The department maintains a number of printers for its faculty, staff, and teaching/research assistants. These printers are not for general student use, and it is prohibited to print to them without permission from the department. That said, if you need to print something, in some cases we can accommodate your requests. Please contact the department secretary, Jean Rom, during normal business hours.

There are ITS-maintained Windows labs at Damen (339, 342) and Lewis Towers (LT 410/411) that use the PrintWise system. You'll need to have funds loaded on your ID to take advantage of these printers as a card swipe is required to print your document (from the PrintWise station). As with anything else in the Windows Labs, please report printing problems directly to ITS at

At this time, printing is not supported from the Linux labs in LT 412 (at Water Tower Campus) and DH 341 (at Lake Shore Campus). In the interim, you will need to print from one of the adjacent Windows labs.

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